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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Basic concept of Struts 2

 Basic concept of Struts 2:-
Struts 2.0 is a framework that is based on MVC Architecture and facilitate productive development of Dynamic Web Applications.
This framework has following characteristics-
  • It is non intrusive.
  • It favors conventions over configurations.
  • It supports Dependency Injection and Aspect Oriented Programming.
  • It is based on Webwork framework of Open Symphony. etc. 
Model View Controller (MVC) – Model View Controller is a design pattern that divides the functionality of an application into three loosely connected modules called Model, View & Controller.
Model represents data, View represents presentation logic and Controller is used to determine the workflow of Application.
In a Struts Application, Actions represents models.
  • Actions – An Action represents request data and its processing logic as a single unit.
  • Results – JSP pages are used to generate presentation for the end-user. JSP pages are managed by Results. A Result is a framework component that is responsible for using JSP pages for generating views.
  • Controller – In a Struts Application Controller is implemented as a filter which intercepts all the request of Web Application and controls its work flow. Controller provides a single entry point to the Web Application.
Configuration Information is read to find out Action & Result for the request.
Action is initiated and populated with Request data.
Action is asked to process request.
Request is processed and a String is returned.
Result is invoked and URL of JSP pages for the returned String is provided.
JSP is invoked.
View for end user is generated.




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