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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Server deployment modes

Each Server supports two modes of deployment-

  • A Web Application can be deployed on a Web Server or Application Server in two formats- 
  • Exploded Format: In Exploded Format, Application is used as deployment unit.
  • This format is used at the time of development. In this format changes made to the application components except web.xml are auto detected by the server i.e. for each change application is not redeployed.
  • Packaged Format: In Packaged Format, all the components of the Web Application are packaged in a “WAR (Web ARchive)” file which is used as deployment unit. This format is used at the time of final release of the software.
  • In this case a new war file is to be made each time contents of the application are to be modified.

  1. Hot Deployment:  In case of Hot Deployment application folder or its “WAR” file is directly pasted into the staging folder provided by the server.
  2. Cold Deployment : In case of Cold Deployment interface provided by the server is used for deploying application.

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