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Friday, 7 November 2014

StringBuffer in Java


  • Objects of StringBuffer represents mutable strings. Each StringBuffer object creates an array of default or specified capacity that is used to hold the contents of StringBuffer.
  • Default capacity of StringBuffer object is 16 characters.

StringBuffer objects can be created using following constructors:-

public StringBuffer();
public StringBuffer(int capacity);
public StringBuffer(String s);


Commonly  used  methods-

append ( ) method is used to append a primitive value or contents of a string to the StringBuffer.

public StringBuffer append(int i);
public StringBuffer append(char c);
public StringBuffer append(String s);

insert( ) method is used to insert a string at the given position in the StringBuffer object.

public StringBuffer insert(int index, String s);

replace( ) method is used to replace part of a StringBuffer object with the given string.

public StringBuffer replace(int startIndex, int endIndex, String s);

reverse ( ) method reverses the contents of StringBuffer.

public StringBuffer reverse();

toString( ) method returns the content of StringBuffer as an immutable string.

public StringBuffer toString();


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