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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Web Service in Java

Web Service represents a set of methods that are exposed on the internet in a technology independent manner. Web Services facilitate business to business interaction and supports interoperability.
Before Web Services interoperability was provided with the help of CORBA. CORBA based interoperability solutions has following problems-

  1. Limited Vendor Support
  2. Third party proprieted protocols and drivers were required for implementing interoperability.

Problems associated with CORBA were solved by Web Services. Web Services are made possible by following three XML based technologies-

  1. SOAP – Simple Object Access Protocol
  2. WSDL – Web Services Descriptor Language
  3. UDDI – Universal Discovery & Directory interface.

1- SOAP is an XML based protocol that is used to represent information of a Web Service method called in XML. Being an XML based protocol it doesn’t require proprieted or 3rd party implementations.
2- WSDL is an XML based description language that is used to describe Web Services in a technology independent manner. For each Web Service a WSDL document is created which contains information such as name & functional domain of the Web Service, method names, number & type of their parameters, their return value, protocol supported by the Web Service, address of the Web Service etc.
3-UDDI is an interface that is used by the clients & Web Service developers to publish & search WSDL documents are published on UDDI services which provides location transparency to Web Services in the same way as domain name services provide location transparency of websites.
Steps to create a Web Service

  1. Define a POJO class in a package that contains methods to be exposed as service.
  2. Weblogic server provide servicegen & service ANT task to package a POJO class as a Web Service.
  3. Define a build.xml file & use these ANT task to expose your class as a Web Service.

Note : In order to use servicegen & service ant task following jar files must be available in the classpath.

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