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Friday, 13 February 2015

RMI in Java

RMI is Java API that provides basic infrastructure for developing Distributed Applications in Java. RMI facilitate invocation of methods on remote object. A remote object is an object which is residing in a different JRE.
Terminology related to RMI-

  • Remote Method – A method that is invoked on a remote object using RMI.
  • Registry Service – is a binding and lookup service that is used to provide location transparency to remote objects.
  • Stub-is a proxy of remote object that is made available to the client using Registry Service and hides the complexity of Remote Method Invocation from client.
  • Skeleton- is a proxy of client that invokes remote method on the remote object on behalf of the client.

Stub & Skeleton are created for remote object.
Stub is registered.
Stub is looked up.
Stub is returned.
Remote method is invoked.
Connection to the skeleton is made & method call is marshaled.
Method call is unmarshalled and method is invoked on remote object.
Method is completed & result is returned.
Result is marshalled back to stub.
Result is unmarshalled & provided to client.


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