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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Clear the BPO telephonic interview without any errors

Tips to clear the Telephonic interviews over the phone

The trend over accessing a person over the phone has been emergent and established, thanks to the emerging BPO industry in the country, that has the top notch bosses sitting far away from the place where the actual interview is getting conducted. In this scenario interviews over the phone or through video calling is much in trend. This procedure is followed considering it to be the preliminary round to basically assess the candidates over confidence, their tone, communication skills and the listening skills.

Telephonic interview basically works upon answering to recruiters questions over the phone. It is an actual approach to evaluate a person’s communication and listening abilities. The method can be automated or non-automated. An automated telephonic interview includes answering a sequence of typical questions while a non-automated telephonic interview has a person asking questions, while you need to talk formally answering his questions.

BPO industry conducts a telephonic interview when:

*You reach a recruiter over the phone, and they reply back asking about you, this indeed is a telephonic interview.

*A company calls you shortlisting your resume or through someone’s reference.

*You are given a proper time to talk to some specific person over the phone.

Tips to perform your best in a telephonic interview:

*Be prepared.

*Keep your resume in your hand.

*Practice the common conversation, like the phrases you would answer back.

*Be well informed and well researched about the organization.

*Keep a pen and paper handy.

*keep you cool and stay calm that reflects your tone.

*Turn call waiting off your phone for that time.

*Avoid getting distracted by any music, sound, TV or anyone.

*keep a glass of water handy with you.

*Perform Well

*Listening skills are equally important just like communicating well.

*Avoid over talking and interrupting while talking.

*Speak slow and clear so that you can be well understood by the person at the other end.

*Use appropriate and professional language, keeping a tab over your voice and tone. Use helping words in the middle of your conversation like thank you, sorry, pardon etc.

Be cool and comfortable, while the interviewer can very well understand and judge from your tone, about how comfortable and confident you are.


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