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Friday, 11 December 2015

The Top 5 tips to crack any Android Developer interview

No matter you have the qualifications and the degree handy with you, still Android and web developing are aspects that might not choose you over a relatively less qualified individual but having an edge over the skills set and the zeal to develop something great and exceptional. There is a little thin line between the academic knowledge and the actual job skills that makes most of the difference.
If in case you are looking forward to sit through an interview as an Android Web Developer, here are a few steps that might help you: In case you are an aspiring developer, looking forward to crack the most important interview, read on to explore through the factors that would definitely make you grab the job and also make you produce some of the most innovative products that your company would cherish.

*Develop a solid foundation
Anything can stay concrete and look great only when its foundation is strong and great. Be it a house, car, a building or a software or website, everything does require a great foundation that hold the entire aspect together and ensure things do not fall apart. The software world revolves around the same ideology. Make sure you are well aware of the basics of development in order to become a budding developer who carries the ability and the potential to solve problems, recognize the entire moving elements while designing the various solutions. At the moment the market demands for developers who are well apt in developing some of the great looking apps, is future centric, evolving and think beyond the box.

*Be committed to a platform
Going by the thumb rule of development, that the developer should know the maximum number of languages in order to perform any sort of a task. However as per the buzz right now, if in case you are a master in just one field as well, it can prove to be really beneficial. Today the technologies are rapidly evolving, looking for people who master all in one aspect related to each language. You need to become that expert who carries the ability to know everything and anything on a single platform. In a way you should be able to comprehend, sleep, eat and drink that particular platform.

*Build an example
It’s ok that you have a degree and the knowledge, while you know the programming language well. But facts and truth as different aspects, so the interviewer would certainly be keen on actually seeing some of your work. Only then can he decide about hiring you or not. It could be anything; you could make a game, a problem solving software, anything. It displays your ultimate confidence when you flaunt your made work, no matter it is not flawless and still its presence reflects your tone.

*Know the Future
Companies are keen on hiring people who are impulsive, impatient and curious to know more always. Keep a significant tab over the emerging technologies. How?Well there is technology everywhere around us, follow well over the social networking sites, web seminars etc. You need to be aware of the present and also about what is going to replace in the market.

*Show some Passion
Mastering any particular aspect can be quite a task; however the only thing that can take you places is your inclination and passion towards the aspect. SO if you think you are really connected to the developing domain, then we highly recommend you to be passionate towards it. The field is huge offering ample options to the ones who are eager, passionate about developing. All that you could be asking for is a company that shares your passion and together you exceed.


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